It’s a Kind Of Magic At “The RTBI Past Presidents Weekend”


It’s a Kind Of Magic At “The RTBI Past Presidents Weekend”

When you bring Twenty-One Past Presidents of RTBI together, one thing is certain, we are Ex Tablers and the banter flows with an energy you would expect.

Our weekend get together started with a Friday night music social with partners. Drinks flowing and a little bit of Freddie Mercury music. It’s fair to say that “A Kind Of Magic” was taking place with the friendships forged through the magic of Round Table. That the show must go on belted out from many a Past Tabler.

Saturday morning started with a good hearty full english breakfast and the excitement for one of the surprises of the day for the Ex Tablers.

A driving experience of the extreme type and suitable for all. The guys drove an absolute power house vehicle in the guise of the Ford 2.0 litre Ecoboost turbo engine which gives 280hp, 430 Nm torque accelerating the Revolution to 60 mph in 4 seconds and onto a top speed of 135+ mph.

A competitive and fun experience, move over formula one drivers especially with RTBI Past Presidents. The race times were marginal after three gruelling ten minute sets of laps and a few accidents, the race experience had a top three; 1st Place Mark House, 2nd place Marcus Jones,  3rd place Ken Donald.

After a quick shower, it was onto the second experience of the day and a more formal lunch and “state of the nation speech” by the current RTBI President. 

President Richard Holland gave a positive and competent update of Round Table Great Britain & Ireland along with the news of great progress being made by the National Board, National Council & its current members.

During the dinner all Past Presidents gave a few words of encouragement and some of their own thoughts. It was also humbling to listen to so many stories experienced by those around the table. All attended are enjoying the Continued Friendship in 41Club.

Our most senior Past President Rodney Huggins 1975/76 shared what I could only describe as historical facts and stories that instilled you with the clear knowledge you are in the audience of Legends of RTBI.

After a final few words of thanks, we all retired to the bar to rejoin our partners, who had themselves enjoyed a real retail experience with their own lunch during the afternoon. The experience weekend brought back so many memories and in the words of a Past President and Ex Tabler “it was Tabling at it’s best”.

The organisation of the weekend allowed for an all encompassing event that everyone enjoyed thanks to Past President Bruce Bennett and Lynn who ensured every single detail in the planning pushed the yearly event to another level.

It’s simply “A Kind Of Magic” to be an Ex Tabler and Past President of RTBI and continue that friendship in 41Club.

Past RTBI President Attendees; Rodney Huggins, John Lymbury, Ken Donald, Gerard O Herlihy, Jason Thomson, Nick Lawton, Stephen Sprod, Rohit Tanna, David Barker, Paul Teasdale, Simon Dyson, Steve Grew, Steve Glaister, Mark House, Gary Smith, David Oneil, Peter Bell, John Payne, Bruce Bennet and Marcus Jones.



The NHS - Why We Need To Protect It!


The NHS - Why We Need To Protect It!

1948 celebrates many great innovations and changes that  have influenced today’s society.

The first ever Land Rover was launched to the public, the Gas Board is formed, Corporal Punishment is abolished, however one key institution was created that affects everyone today and over the 70 years.

july 5th 1948 the NHS was launched. Today we celebrate 70 years of this great institution that serves so many. It is the worlds largest public health system employing over 1.5 million people in the UK. It’s a global brand and one that is admired by the world.

There is no doubt that the NHS system is under pressure, that it’s ageing in some quarters, however there is also a public swell that wants to protect what is great about it, but also recognising significant changes are required urgently. 

‘We are living longer, new complex illnesses are challenging society, obesity on the rise and the fact we are all living longer. There are also the new complex issues surrounding mental health wellbeing , a new support system is required for all generations in this matter. 

Lifestyle factors

The way we live now is also having a negative impact on our health. Drinking too much alcohol, smoking, a poor diet with not enough fruit and vegetables and not doing enough exercise are all major reasons for becoming unwell and needing to rely on our health services. Increasing numbers of overweight children show us that this problem is currently set to continue.

The change in public expectations

Originally, tackling disease was the main job of the NHS. Now, we all expect so much more. From advice on healthcare management through to mental health and social care, contraception, antenatal and maternity services, vaccination programmes and the fast, efficient processing of our medication and appointments. All of this with a growing population due to living longer and higher birth rates with lower infant mortality.

Accident and Emergency departments

More and more people are visiting A&E departments and minor injury units – which is stretching the ability of the departments to cope. A lot of the visits are unavoidable, but some are visiting because of inconsistent management of their long-term health conditions, the inability to get a GP appointment or insufficient information on where to go with a particular complaint. Winter sees an even bigger rise in visitor numbers with staff finding it harder by the year to cope.

Rising costs

The current financial crisis, rising costs of services, energy and supplies; innovations and technological breakthroughs that require more investment – along with higher numbers of people to cater for – all spell out a huge economic disaster for the NHS.

It is estimated that without radical changes to the way the system works, as demand rises, and costs rise too, the NHS will become unsustainable, with huge financial pressures and debts. If we make no changes we face a £30 billion funding gap for the NHS nationally by 2020 .

Advances in medicine and technology

The great news amongst all of this gloom is that there has never been a better time to face an overhaul. Huge advancements in medicine and surgery, alongside IT and technological innovations mean that there is a wealth of ideas and efficiencies that could potentially be implemented to bring our NHS up to modern standards to meet the needs of us all in the 21 Century. Utilising these new approaches within a major restructure the NHS could go on to be a reassuring source of health care and wellbeing, as well as an inspirational model of good working practice for years to come.

My summary, we all recognise it’s amazing contribution, meaning the team who work in it from the surgeons, nurses, paramedics, cleaners, canteen staff and volunteers along with so many others. Now is the time to depoliticise it, not allowing it to carry on being a political agenda for others, to carry on making poor decisions or descions just so they can gain votes. Today it must be recognised that the NHS is owned by the GB&I Public, yes you and I.

We are real people with real lives and those who work within are the same, they are human beings.

Today a real rethink is required , a clear defined strategy that is cross party with real buisness leaders and those who work within shaping the future of it.

Meaning 70 years in the future we can all look back and once again celebrate its contribution to society.

Happy Birthday NHS

We are all proud of you and your teams who continue to make a difference. 

Marcus Jones




Continued Friendships with Members of 41 Club GB&I


Continued Friendships with Members of 41 Club GB&I

"Continued Friendships can mean different things to different people!"

Friday 16th February Region 15 The Heart of England hosted it's 2nd annual dinner with an invite for all to attend. So in 41 Club style a few from out of area visited.

With a warm welcome from so many familiar faces, it was straight into the banter of the evening with Peter Good National IRO , Hugh Milward the National Archivist and so many great Ex Tablers/41 Club Members.

Supported with a great speaker, who in my experience on the circuit must be one of the best I have witnessed, along with Dave Campbell National President of 41 Club GB&I.

Dave presented a great update on the progress of membership and projects around GB&I, especially the work with The Princess Trust, his chosen charity of the year, not only the great amount of money raised but also the mentoring scheme so many have signed up too.

Then moving onto "Dick" Richard Griffin LVO.

The former bodyguard to "Her Majesty The Queen" and HRH Prince Phillip Patron of Round Table Great Britain & Ireland.

His personal account with the royal family along with a behind the scenes viewpoint through great pictures made for an engaging presentation. 

To give an understanding of his background here is an extract from his website;

"In 1986 he was promoted to Chief Inspector and moved to the Household of The Duke of Edinburgh for whom he worked for 13 very enjoyable years, the highlight of which was being attacked by a giant panda whilst on a visit to China. In 1999 he became a Personal Protection Officer to Her Majesty The Queen for whom he worked for 14 years. This period was the pinnacle of his career as he travelled throughout the world with Her Majesty. In 2010 he was promoted to Superintendent and held the position known as “The Queen’s Police Officer “until he retired in April 2013 when he was honoured by being made a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order, a personal decoration from Her Majesty. During his career as a Royalty Protection Officer he visited over 150 different countries"

It was a real personal account with so many laughs, but also great pride came through with his stories an great pictures shown. A fellow Welshman, it was an honour to meet and discuss my personal experience of HRH Prince Phillip with him.

41 Club - New Horizons with new experiences and continued friendships. 

Well done to the Heart of England Team for putting on such a great evening.






New Horizons with 41 Club

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New Horizons with 41 Club

Transition is change and no one really likes change apparently, yet we all need to continue the journey of life.

I have spoken to many current members of Round Table GB&I and current 41-Club members and all say one thing, they love the associations and what they represent, especially in current diverse difficult times. The realisation and fact that we are not immortal in life, that we must move on becomes something no member looks forward to. 

I have mentioned many times in my speeches to the members of all associations that;

"Round Table means different things to different people, for some it's community, for others it's charity, for most it's the fun and fellowship for life." Guess what, it continues to mean the same in 41-Club, however there is actually more to consider.

You realise that you move with the generation of members that have become your friends for life the "class of 2010" for example, that those continued friendships are truly for life, that community still means so much to us all, we have plenty of energy to support the Santa sleighs, beer festivals and so much more.

However something positive is changing in today's 41-Club around the world, members are now creating their own community events outside of Round Table, that we do more international travel with our international friends in over 25 countries and its growing. Many of our members go on to create fantastic work in the public domain, many become local leaders in education or the community.

Our members are today creating their own identity, a new vibrant DNA for an organisation for the 41-Club members world wide. 

We have the opportunity of new horizons along the journey of life, we engage with our communities, we encourage and support members of The Round Table Family. Most of all we continue our education through new experiences.

We "Engage, Educate & Encourage" those we meet, why? Because we get it!

We understand what it means to wear the badge with pride and most of all we are all Ex Tablers who want the current generation to Adopt, Adapt, Improve on what we have contributed and built.

We also intend to carry on having fun, friendship and fellowship!

Yours In Continued Friendship

Marcus Jones

"An Ex Tabler, 41-Club Member & Someone Who Get's It, Along with all who wear the badge with pride!"


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Leadership and Mental Health in the Workplace


Leadership and Mental Health in the Workplace

For many Leaders or CEO's today, the impact of mental health in the work place or related issues are now starting to become very clear, due to a better understanding and more supportive information from groups such as CALMMind and the Heads Togetherprogramme in terms related to this subject.

In the Automotive Industry, Armed Forces, Fire Service and Police Force( which is still male dominated & something that needs a real step change), the reality is realised due to the impact on team members well-being within the age bracket of 18 to 45 year old male sector, which matches the research work of CALM.(Campaign Against Living Miserably & Heads Together).

2014 statistics show that 4623 men in the UK took their own lives, that 78% of all suicides in 2015 in the UK are male and 42% have considered suicide. Apart from the headline facts, the most worrying and the most preventative is that 41% who contemplated suicide felt that they could not talk about there feelings. CALM recently wrote an article head "more stats, yet still no strategy".

So what are we doing to educate a new generation in the work place?

The answer to this and many other questions are very simple, many organisations are not equipped to deal with such aspects on a daily basis, we expect our business leaders to deal with any related issues yet very little CPD training is given by corporate companies, in fact it is fair to say there is no budget for such training.

Many companies have announced strategic work this year recognition of the subject in the workplace such as TOPMANJaguar Land Rover and The Fire Emergency Service especially after the very public impact with the "Grenfell Towerblock fire in 2017".

Changing an attitude towards Mental Health starts with education in the work place, business owners need to create an environment that is safe and conducive to allow an open environment for conversations and education, especially in a male dominated industry. Today we have very little stats on the commercial impact of mental health in the work place, i am sure once this data builds a cost graph that is effecting the bottom line money will be budgeted for education of employees to recognise the signs within the work place.

Recently the BBC published a damning report of Amazon and some reported failings in the workplace, yet Amazon is recognised as a great place to work, so if this is a great company to work for what does the other end of the scale look like?

Amazon statement read "new recruits are warned some positions are physically demanding and that some workers seek these positions as they enjoy the active nature of the work. The company said productivity targets are set objectively, based on previous performance levels achieved by the workforce."

This is a true reflection of their policy, yet their health and safety policy is well written and researched, would you accept this in your company as a Leader?

Social media, a new generation work force and a very diverse society is and will have an impact, my question to those Plc and Ltd companies today is very simple one, what is your strategy for helping Generation Y and Z who will soon join the ranks of Leadership in the next 5 years?

Does your "Mental Health Policy" match the detail behind your statutory policy for the workplace, what are your investment plans in 2018 in this area?

Mental Health should be on the agenda in society and in the work place, why, too many lives are lost through such illnesses and related causes. Its personally on my agenda and early 2018 will see the launch of The Links Foundation- a charity that will work with businesses across the UK to open up the conversation in the workplace with its Leadership whilst supporting the volunteer sector.

Get Mental Health in the workplace on your agenda for 2018 and make a difference for those who work with you in business. Create an environment that enhances well-being.

Marcus Jones


Changing the face of our communities in difficult times.


Changing the face of our communities in difficult times.

In recent weeks we have all seen the devastation that challenges our way of life with Manchester and London Bridge, we have also witnessed the horrific fire in West London. 

Yet out of such challenging times something very resolute has taken place throughout the country. The Queen our greatest leader of all times understands this and in fact one would say she truly understands the country after so many years witnessing so much.

The value of a community is coming through stronger than ever, the fact that strangers can help each other, no matter creed, colour or religion, that reactions are all about preserving what we are great at, that the core DNA of the British people is shinning through.

Politics cannot change communities only people and attitudes can.

For over 90 years Round Table Great Britain and Ireland has led the way through its members efforts, I call them the "Ordinary Guys Doing Extraordinary Things", they are changing the face of your community today through their selfless acts of kindness, through community carnivals, fireworks, Summer fete's , beer festivals , work with groups such as Anthony Nolan or Children in Need, these guys can be seen over the Christmas period trudging the streets with Santa to bring cheer to all whilst raising money to go straight back into the local communities.

All this with a determination to make a difference to others whilst bringing together a generation of men aged 18 to 45 that personally develop through such activities. A social club that challenges the areas of well being that could affect those without such a support group.

A group of guys who work with other great organisations such at 41 Club, local Rotary or Lions, Ladies Circle and its sister club Tangent, and so many more. These guys lead the way in over 400 communities around the country today.

Whilst we watch the TV show all the negative stories, remember there are a group of ordinary guys trying to do the extraordinary for you.

Why not join them at, there is a local club near you.

Help them change the face of your community and make this country great again.

Yours in Friendship

Marcus Jones

Past National President 

Round Table Great Britain & Ireland