"Making a Difference"

A young lad was once called into the office of the headmaster and asked why all the kids find him so popular, without his results being poor.

The child explained to the headmaster that it was because of his dad and the questions he gets asked every day at breakfast. 

When the teacher pursued what these questions where, the pupil replied with;

"My dad ask's me every day at breakfast what kind of day am i going to have, i reply a great day dad, the dad continues to ask and who is responsible for that son, I am dad".

A question to you reading this article;

What type of day are you going to have and who is responsible for that?

The great day experience was explained to my business by author and friend Brad Parkes who coaches many individuals to become great people through belief in what they do.

"Making Clubs Work by Brad Parkes" is a must read for any organisation that lacks belief in its DNA.

Thanks for reading and have a "Great Day".