After many years of the very fast pace of Round Table in your life, you become aware of the looming exit of the organisation at the age of 45. Now let’s get it right your in your prime, best part of your life in real terms to support and make a difference, yet you can no longer continue in Round Table........It’s our DNA.

Some find it difficult to understand internally and externally, even though for those who join, understand the aims and objects of the association, in fact they endorse it but still find it a challenging time, then the harsh reality really creeps in.

‘You almost feel that your not welcome anymore” as one past member described to me, another said “it felt like an end of a chapter in my life that I would not rekindle”, although both statements are profound what followed in their comments put it into prospective.

”The great thing is that it’s like when you were in school, you are part of a class of friendships that will follow you all your life, the fun continues, the friendships gets stronger and most interesting you travel more internationally because of the connections you have made over time, it took me a few months but then the realisation nothing had actually changed, bloody hell im a 41Club member and I can still do the same with the people who travelled the journey of life with me”

There is no doubt we go through different emotions, pride of our achievements in Round Table, a wish to hold time back, a want to continue, even for some a real sense of loss. The work I have engaged in with members going through this transition has made me realise that there is a real responsibility with the organisations to ensure this process is slicker and that all feel welcome. No one person should feel they have nowhere to go and it’s the end of a journey when In fact it’s just a new chapter.

Memories are great, however you cannot live on good memories alone , you need to create new ones. No matter who you are , it’s tough, it’s really tough. Then you lift your head up and look to the new horizons that are offered with the warmth of friendship from 41Club members locally, nationally and internationally.

i am honoured to have spoken to many members whilst completing my research on men’s health and wellbeing in the organisation, those who have completed the transition, sometimes it takes a little longer for some, no matter how long it takes, you have a great group of guys who really want you to play your part in the continuation of all that is great about Round Table.

i have no doubt as we move into the future 41Club will play an ever greater part of community aspects, along with the growth of International travel, why you may ask?

I think it’s quite simple, we are still as determined to make a difference, however we know the responsibility we have to support the growth of Round Table, to encourage a new generation to participate within the wonderful organisation.

it is estimated that over 200,000 individuals have over the 90years been part of our organisations. Every single one giving life and oxygen to the cause.

i have come to my own conclusion after a reflective time, it time to create new memories, meet new people and travel to those places that I did not get too in RTBI , along with one thing, the realisation I have grown as an individual that can and will do so much more, not only just in 41Club GB&I but 🌍 worldwide. There is also the realisation that we are all leaders in the community that can offer so much to other organisations.

i know many have adopted skills gained through RTBI and carried towards a new journey into local government, school governorship or even creating organisations that help others. They go on to become the real leaders of our communities.

Imagine that! Louis Marchesi did!

My aim is simple, to ensure I personally bring a generation of new members into 41Club whilst supporting all current members and help Round Table grow and thrive. I feel part of a bigger ship, one that has many destinations but one purpose.....”Continued Friendships”

“Ordinary Guys Continuing The Extraordinary”

Marcus Jones

Beeston 41Club IRO 

National Past President Round Table Great Britain and Ireland