In recent weeks we have all seen the devastation that challenges our way of life with Manchester and London Bridge, we have also witnessed the horrific fire in West London. 

Yet out of such challenging times something very resolute has taken place throughout the country. The Queen our greatest leader of all times understands this and in fact one would say she truly understands the country after so many years witnessing so much.

The value of a community is coming through stronger than ever, the fact that strangers can help each other, no matter creed, colour or religion, that reactions are all about preserving what we are great at, that the core DNA of the British people is shinning through.

Politics cannot change communities only people and attitudes can.

For over 90 years Round Table Great Britain and Ireland has led the way through its members efforts, I call them the "Ordinary Guys Doing Extraordinary Things", they are changing the face of your community today through their selfless acts of kindness, through community carnivals, fireworks, Summer fete's , beer festivals , work with groups such as Anthony Nolan or Children in Need, these guys can be seen over the Christmas period trudging the streets with Santa to bring cheer to all whilst raising money to go straight back into the local communities.

All this with a determination to make a difference to others whilst bringing together a generation of men aged 18 to 45 that personally develop through such activities. A social club that challenges the areas of well being that could affect those without such a support group.

A group of guys who work with other great organisations such at 41 Club, local Rotary or Lions, Ladies Circle and its sister club Tangent, and so many more. These guys lead the way in over 400 communities around the country today.

Whilst we watch the TV show all the negative stories, remember there are a group of ordinary guys trying to do the extraordinary for you.

Why not join them at, there is a local club near you.

Help them change the face of your community and make this country great again.

Yours in Friendship

Marcus Jones

Past National President 

Round Table Great Britain & Ireland