This Years Generation of Students Leave with 30K Average Debt.

Whilst watching social media this week i have noticed many friends have supported their children attending graduation days and to spoil the feeling of success face an average debt of more than £30,000, a report has revealed this week and had been widely shared with all mediums of the media.

The new £9,000-a-year tuition fees have increased the total sum owed by this years graduates by almost £10,000, from an average of £20,400 last year.

Meaning students graduating this year will face the highest level of student debt in history.

This group of our society is one of the most transient part of our nation.

£30,000-student debt for those graduating in 2015

£20,400-student debt for those who graduated in 2014

£19,400-student debt for those who graduated in 2012

"An unprecedented number of graduates had already secured a job for when they finish studying completely, with 37 per cent receiving a definite graduate job offer by Easter.

The results found most of these came through work experience done as part of their final year - and 48 per cent revealed they had started their job hunt before their first year was even over, up from 30 per cent in 2010.

Although the Class of 2015 face the highest-ever graduation debts, an unprecedented number have already secured a graduate job offer before leaving university - and the proportion who are uncertain about their future is at its lowest level for 17 years".


That leaves me to add one final point on the report, with all this debt and the fact most will move area to get a job and having to rebuild a network of new friends, i would suggest that social clubs such as Round Table and Ladies Circle have never been more relevant to help these individuals at such a time.

A network of support with great friends whilst learning new skills and most importantly local knowledge.

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i would love your thoughts in how we help this generation.


Marcus Jones