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Every day millions of people volunteer or support others with their time, but what happens when the very people who help others need help themselves?The Links Foundation is dedicated to support the volunteer sector and their families, to develop wellbeing programmes to improve an individuals resilience around mental health issues, by creating a network of projects and a bespoke information hub within a framework that is accessible to all. We are supporting the fight against the stigma of mental health issues, along with ensuring diversity in mental health & related causes in society, including depression, anxiety & other areas that impact on all are recognised.

We work with grass roots volunteers, local organisations, national & international community groups who want to join the fight. Simply put we aim to "Engage, Encourage & Educate" to create a voice of change for a modern diverse culture. illnesses.


The Links Foundation are a group of volunteers supporting the volunteer sector and their families. The project is the creation of Marcus Jones, a local businessman in Nottingham who volunteers to help others along with a group of ordinary people doing the extraordinary.

The spark & idea derived from years spent volunteering with organisations like Round Table GB&I, The Round Table Family of Clubs world wide, partner organisations - NCVO, Anthony Nolan, Mind, PTSD, Switch-Up Nottingham, including the loss of friends to suicide who supported the volunteer sector.

The Links Foundation team and supporters create wellbeing projects linked to sport, create events that raise awareness of the stigma of mental health along with educational work for all sectors, including a supportive hub of information.


We simply want to help those who support others by creating wellbeing projects that are linked to all kinds of sports, including board games! We encourage individuals to share their own experiences via blogs, podcast and video.

"Volunteers Supporting Volunteers".

We aim to create a working portal of information, educational work, stuff that can help anyone through the most difficult stages of life, we are partnering with fantastic organisation which already make a huge difference in mental health in society.Want to focus on your space, meet new people, gain new experiences, an opportunity to become part of new groups and support your wellbeing that supports you in your everyday life.

You may want to simply help the project?



your wellbeing

your wellbeing

“The Wellbeing Umbrella Project” what it means?

Our wellbeing projects target sports that have a known positive impact in society, that can be transferable in every day life scenarios, that can support individuals within wellbeing projects and their development.

Boxing, Cycling, Basketball, Board Games, Rugby and inspiring leadership are key to The Links Foundation strategy with the umbrella project to improve wellbeing for all men and women.

The Rugby Active Programme targets key positive aspects of the game that help wellbeing, collective spirit, personal development and discipline though touch rugby so all can get involved.

We have teamed up with Nottingham Rugby Club coaching team and players who are very supportive towards the community, especially programmes which target mental health wellbeing. The team at the Notts RFC are well placed in the community and their involvement within so many projects ideally places this programme.

Leading the project we are delighted to partner with Josh Poullet who played the back row.

With over 23 appearances Josh is well placed to share his experience and enthusiasm.

‘I am delighted to support The Links Foundation with this initial 6/8 week programme to help the wellbeing project, tackling a subject that means something to everyone in society today, Mental Health. Our aim is simply bring people together, run a positive wellbeing programme and share the discipline of `rugby in every day life, to work with groups that are vulnerable and at the end of the project recognise the work and success of all participants.”- Josh .

Links2GrassRoots” this programme allows adults of all ages to develop and understanding of the game, why the laws of rugby are important and why they are respected so much , learn to play the game and maybe even referee it, part of the programme also looks at how we can look after our physical being which has a direct impact of the mental health of a person. The programme creates an environment for individuals to feel part of the nottingham rugby club supporter base and have a feel of belonging to a bigger family. The players and coaching team explain and draw on their own experience in competition and how dealing with pressures with a process.

Part of the programme will include your own journey through a well thought out journal so that all participants can record their own findings. Plus adding into the daily aspects of life along the way. The programme will also include nutritional guides, easy exercise programmes and simply a mix of good fun.

Working with over 20 national and regional companies who will consider to refer leadership or team members to join to understand the complexities around understand mental health in the workplace “LBP”, “WBP”

Leadership/Workplace Behaviour Programme creates an awareness in a changing society supported with a national programme, our aim is simple “Engage, Educate and Encourage” with a new generation of workforce.

To understand the programme and book your place contact Josh or Marcus via TheLinksFoundation@gmail.com

The details of the programme are as attached in pdf (doc to be inserted)

Links2Rugby will start later in 2018, targeting disengaged young people aged 18 to 25 who have been failed by the mainstream education system or their social environment excludes them from the practical support, experience and ability that helps them believe and invest in the possibility of a future in sustained education, employment or training.

This is a long term strategy and not something that happens overnight. Which is why it’s important that our model Engage,Educate and Encourage is used in promoting an education programme with schools and colleges.

Why do we do this? Because we know there are a huge range of factors leading students to be excluded from mainstream education or pier groups. Whatever that reason, we don’t believe that should signal exclusion from mainstream society today.

Links2Rugby is designed to help these young people onto a positive pathway to achieve sustained education, employment or training with a particular focus on exposing them to various vocational opportunities through a three-stage journey of:

Engage – creating a new path through a programme of engagement

Educate– making better decisions in the present, being better informed

Encourage– planning for a more successful future with an exit strategy

The work between The Links Foundation & Nottingham Rugby Club allows for a clear programme in the community, local businesses and the players/coaching team to raise awareness of mental health wellbeing and to become a clear strategy for rugby to play a positive impact in society. We will link each 8/10 week programmes with other related sport programmes like cycling,boxing,basketball and more to enable further opportunities to grow in knowledge, wellbeing and outlook.

Links2Games- An Alternative Sport

A unique programme with a warm environment for everyone who attends the Links Events with Links2Games at Ludorati.

A safe space with a warm welcome from a new group of friends.

Over 750 games for ages. 

  • Great food and drinks to accompany your visit.

  • Games room for team challenges.

  • Mental strength and well-being games challenges.

  • Great feedback loops.

  • Journal activities to review progress and reflection of development.

Links2Games creates a safe space for all those attending. We aim to ensure the experience allows for fun, mental strength challenges and group interaction. The games chosen are to challenge the audience. You have guidance from the team throughout the evening, With a relaxed atmosphere and great cafe/bar. There is something for everyone.

You will learn a new game, forget monopoly, there is so much more, become a super sleuth, like horror, play The Thing Game - who is the alien within the group?

Given the extensive library and in-house GamesWizard™ 2020 methodology, we are able to select the most appropriate games and live action team challenges to meet the individuals need.

We are able to provide learning and development events – from mini-sessions through to dedicated whole workshops that support the application and development of:

The board games and live action team challenges are not just limited to learning and development. Other potential  applications include recruitment/assessment, performance/talent management, employee engagement, analytics, psychometric's, culture and change scenarios. Most importantly building mental strength and wellbeing.

Come along to the events planned in the winter months and work on your mental strength through the fun if board games. to find out more visit the website  www.ludoraticafe.com